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Advances in Concussion Technology: Stick-On Accelerometers

Although much attention has been focused on the dangers of concussions and long-term brain injuries in professional sports, millions of young student athletes face similar dangers. Concussions caused by collisions and falls present a constant safety concern throughout high school sports program and youth recreational leagues. However, many blows in youth sports aren’t necessarily easy to spot by coaches or parents…. Read More

New Concussion Research: A first-hand look at the Brain at the Point of Injury

Although concussions are common, the full effects of this more mild type of traumatic brain injury have been difficult to identify. Recently, using a newly developed mouse trauma model, researchers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) discovered the brain’s protective coverings may respond to impact more dramatically than previously thought, while brain cells mount an immune response to prevent… Read More

Fiery Train Crash in North Dakota

On Monday, December 30th, a collision between two trains in North Dakota caused one of the trains, a freight train carrying crude oil, to derail. The derailment triggered a fiery explosion, producing flames as high as 100 feet. North Dakota sheriff’s deputies and local emergency crews responded to the derailment near Casselton, ND and found a scene with oil-carrying train… Read More

Pilot Hospitalized after Dramatic Small Plane Crash at Tampa International Airport

On Friday, December 20th, the pilot of a cargo-carrying 6-seat airplane was rushed to the hospital early after crashing at Tampa International Airport (TIA).  The pilot called in a distress signal minutes earlier after experiencing a drop in oil pressure while flying a single-engine Cessna 210N plane. The small cargo plane was en route from Valdosta, Georgia, preparing for its… Read More

Fire Accidents and Burn Injury Statistics

Fires and other accidents involving burn injuries can be tremendously painful and often leave behind permanent scars. Excision, skin grafts, and physical therapy for burn patients can mean a long recovery and extensive pain. Personal injury claims involving fires and burns are often filed on behalf of people who have been burned as a result of another person’s negligence. Effects… Read More

Chevrolet Heritage High Roof Recall

Back in 2011, the National Highway Transportation Authority (NHTSA) received several complaints about a potential design defect in the Chevy HHR (Heritage High Roof). Among the chief complaints, the Chevrolet HHR problems reportedly include difficulty turning the vehicle off. The ignition switch assembly and internal tumbler unit seem to stick or fails to disengage, preventing drivers from rotating the ignition… Read More

What is Second Impact Syndrome?

Second-impact syndrome (SIS) is a rare but potentially serious, life-threatening condition that can develop in a person who suffers from back to back concussions. A concussion is a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) in which a direct blow to the head causes the brain to collide with the skull. A collision can also produce transverse forces which twist… Read More

$100 Million Fungal Meningitis Settlement Reached

On December 24th, 2013, LawyersandSettlements.com reported that a $100 million settlement had been reached between a compounding pharmacy allegedly responsible for a massive fungal meningitis outbreak last year and the affected victims and their families. Paul Moore is the designated trustee of the now bankrupt New England Compounding Center, the named defendant in the lawsuit. Moore voiced his support for… Read More