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New York City Commuter Train Accident

On Sunday, December 1st, a commuter train on its way into New York City was confirmed to be traveling at 82 mph as it entered a curve where the posted speed limit was 30 mph. As a result of excessive speed, the train derailed, according to National Transportation Safety Board investigators. Four people on the train were killed and at… Read More

Wrongful Death Lawsuit against Merck for Januvia Diabetes Medication

The diabetes medication Januvia, manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Merck, is being blamed for another patient’s death. As a result, another Januvia wrongful death lawsuit has been filed. Despite several pending civil suits, Januvia has not yet been pulled from the market. The latest among several Januvia lawsuits was filed in California federal court against both Merck & Co. and Eli… Read More

Airbag Recalls Reach Record High in 2013

2013 has already surpassed existing records for the highest number of automotive product recalls related to defective airbags. Collectively, foreign and domestic automakers have already recalled over 6 million cars as of November 1st to correct problems with malfunctioning air bags. Malfunctioning airbags can be extremely dangerous when they deploy incorrectly. The recalled airbags have been associated with several claims… Read More

Honda Recalls Odyssey Minivans Over Self-Activating Brakes

Honda has announced a product recall that impacts over 344,000 Odyssey minivans of the 2007-2008 model years. The recall intends to fix a problem that can cause the vehicle to brake suddenly. A text abstract of Honda’s original recall summary is enclosed at the bottom of this blog. On Friday, November 1st, American Honda Motor Co. issued a public statement… Read More

What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that originates in the mesothelium, or protective lining covering the body’s internal organs.  The most common site of mesothelioma occurs in the outer lining of the lungs as well as the internal lining of the chest cavity. Mesothelioma Facts Mesothelioma is a cancer that develops from the cells lining the chest or abdominal… Read More

Dangerous Concussion Attitudes: Playing Through Concussions

In late October, an extensive report about sports-related concussions in young people was released by the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council. The report made conclusive recommendations to include: Bolstering research Collecting data Examining injury protocols Educating the public Culture of Resistance among Players However, the report also pointed out one particularly stubborn issue: the “culture of resistance”… Read More

Georgia Trucking Laws and Statistics

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) enforces a set of statutes for all commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). The Georgia Department of Transportation establishes and enforces certain provisions in support of federal USDOT regulations and enforces basic provisions at the state level such as registration, safety inspections, weigh stations, and tags. Like Florida and most other states, Georgia has adopted the… Read More