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A Future of Possibilities: Typing with Thoughts

Jonathan Wolpaw, brain injury researcher, works for the Wadsworth Center in Albany, NY, where he has been developing a revolutionary system that allows victims of paralysis the opportunity to communicate.  Essentially, by reading certain brainwave patterns, the system recognizes the specific letter on which the patient focuses, and marks it on the computer screen. Although it takes about 15 seconds… Read More

Man Receives Double Arm Transplant

Just before Thanksgiving, Will Lautzenheiser graciously received a double arm transplant from an anonymous donor. Because of an aggressive streptococcus infection, Lautzenheiser lost all four of his limbs in 2011. The infection led to sepsis, forcing a quadruple amputation. Earlier in the year he was approved for an extraordinarily rare operation, a bilateral arm transplant. Now, after the seemingly miraculous… Read More

How the NFL Aims to Protecting Athletes from Traumatic Brain Injuries

Over the last few years, the NFL has increased their attention to studying the severe brain effects of their professional athletes. Awareness throughout the country and the league has amplified because of the traumatic brain injuries players and even former players have experienced.  Dozens of rules have been implemented to fight against possible traumatic brain injuries, and experimental ideas such as… Read More

New Study Reveals Promising Path for Rehabilitation of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Patients

Traumatic brain injuries undoubtedly affect normal brain control and activity in a vast array of possibilities, and traumatic brain injuries don’t only affect football players. Victims of car accidents who have experienced violent blows to the head also suffer from the countless complications of severe brain trauma.  Currently, no such cognitive or medical treatment exists to effectively treat brain damage,… Read More

Discovery Developments: Building a Double Standard For Plaintiffs’ Treating Physicians

The Fourth District released a decision in August 2014 that breaks dangerous new ground regarding discovery directed toward non-parties.  In Brown v. Mittelman, No. 4D14-1748, 2014 WL 4209207 (Fla. 4th DCA Aug. 27, 2014), the court’s decision denying certiorari permits defendants to subpoena financial and billing records from plaintiffs’ treating doctors – even if there is no evidence that an… Read More

Clarity Returns to Litigating Damages for Uninsured Motorist Claims: No More Damages Do-Overs for the Insurance Company

Insurance companies and injured plaintiffs have been battling over uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist claims on several fronts for decades.  In the last two years, however, considerable uncertainty sprang up around litigating damages.  When you have gone to trial on a UM contract claim, and a jury has determined the defendant’s liability and the plaintiff’s damages, can the insurance company… Read More