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Charles Heidt Honored with Swope, Rodante Vanguard Award

April 8th, 2015 (Tampa, FL) — The Swope, Rodante Vanguard Award Selection Board is pleased to share that Robinson High School junior Charles Heidt has been selected as the “March Student Athlete of the Month.” The mission of The Swope, Rodante Vanguard Award is to celebrate outstanding high school student athletes and coaches throughout Hillsborough County. Angela Rodante presented Charles… Read More

Protecting the Rights of TBI Children: A Guide for Parents

Protecting The Educational Rights of Children with TBI A Guide for Parents and Caretakers If you are the parent of a brain-injured child, you undoubtedly want the very best for them. If you know what to do, you can be your brain-injured child’s most effective advocate. For that reason, we present this guide to ensure that you understand your rights… Read More

Drugs could potentially treat spinal cord injuries.

Depending on the severity of a spinal cord injury, a victim who suffers one of these infamously irreversible injuries will likely face an upward battle for the rest of his or her life.  Whether full or partial paralysis ensues the damage sustained to the spinal cord, there are very few instances where a victim completely regains motor functions.  The spinal… Read More

Supreme Court of Florida Approves Waiver of Future Negligence

Occasional carnival-goers, infrequent go-cart drivers, and once-in-a-while horse-back riders beware. . . That should be the warning on the newest opinion on exculpatory agreements in Florida. I’m sure everyone at one point or another has participated in some “dangerous” activity like hang-gliding or canoeing or horse-back riding and been given one of those “release” things to sign. Usually what they… Read More

The Necessity for More Research on Drugged Driving

Awareness of a certain issue can usually lead to improvement of the issue, and recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducted two studies that highlight the effects of MADD’s efforts against drunk driving.  Over the course of MADD’s (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) mission, they have continually sought ways to diminish drunk driving around the country, and now, with… Read More

Studies on Blood Biomarker for Traumatic Brain Injury

Over the last few months, new technology brought to the NYU Langone Medical Center will potentially help researchers advance blood biomarker capabilities.  If studies are properly recorded, the researchers will be able to observe changes in low concentration of proteins after sustaining a neurological injury.  These tests will be conducted with the help of single molecule array technology that has… Read More

Brain Injury Awareness

Advocating awareness of certain medical issues or diseases provides a great way to get the conversation rolling and can go a long way in potential treatments.  Over the course of the last decade, traumatic brain injuries have gone from being a relatively unknown occurrence to national headline.  In part, the increased awareness of brain injuries in America has only occurred… Read More