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Bionic exoskeleton aids patients that suffered strokes or spinal cord injuries to walk again.

There are currently over 3,500 patients, who either suffered a severe spinal cord injury or stroke, that have been able to walk again with the help of a revolutionary device made by Ekso Bionics of Richmond, California.  Co-founder and chief technology officer, Russ Angold, reported these facts at 2015’s installment of CES (Consumer Electronics Show), where Shane Mosko, victim of… Read More

Chinese scientists provide breakthrough with experiment that gives paralyzed dogs mobility

Scientists from China recently performed revolutionary surgery on paralyzed dogs that helped regain function in their once defunct legs. The scientists hope that now, with the introduction of their new surgical method, paralyzed victims of severe spinal cord injuries will be able to control of their legs again. Although quite unusual to westerners, the scientists experimented on dogs that had… Read More