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What is an Anoxic Brain Injury?

An anoxic brain injury occurs due to a total lack of oxygen to the brain. Though many different types of brain injuries can occur, anoxic brain injuries are characterized as one of the most dangerous and difficult from which to recover. Anoxic brain damage is also referred to as anoxia. This type of brain injury is commonly associated with hypoxic… Read More

Developers of Portable TBI Test get $6M

When an external force traumatically injures the brain – like a bullet, assault, car accident or even a mild sports concussion – the hours, even the minutes are critical. Still no diagnostic blood test exists for use by physicians in the emergency room to detect the presence and severity of brain trauma. Banyan Biomarkers has raised $6 million from private… Read More

Severe TBI – Coping with Family Stress

Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries Families of patients with severe traumatic brain injuries cope with a lot of stress and anxiety due to the unstable nature of the disease, probability of death, and quality of life issues. Researchers have repeatedly identified families “need to know” more about their family member’s medical condition as the number one factor contributing to stress and… Read More