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Swope Rodante’s Dale Swope Slated to Speak at Connectionology Seminar in Newport, Rhode Island

Dale Swope, Founding Partner of Swope, Rodante P.A., is slated to speak at the 2019 Connectionology Seminar taking place in Newport, Rhode Island.

The Seminar is titled, “Welcome to the Academy of Surprises–Unlocking the Chains of “Thought–Limitation” and “Idea–Restriction” and will feature 2.5 days of education and networking taking place during September 7-9th at the Gurney’s Newport Resort and Marina.

Connectionology® Seminars of America was formed in 2012 by the Nation’s Top Trial Attorneys with the goal of teaching and connecting all Plaintiff Trial and Criminal Defense Attorneys around the country. It’s mission is to provide serious education for those who desire to learn how to become a better lawyer.

Additional seminar speakers include: Mark Mandell, Bernard Walsh, Doug Beam, Eric Hertz, Wolfgang Mueller, Steven Benevisti, Bob Sheperd, Cynthia Angelos and Micahel Kahn.

The seminar is being chaired by John Romano of Romano Law Group, Thomas Carey of Carey Leisure & Neal, and Janette Bejlkova-Carey of Client Legal Funding.

To learn more about Mr. Swope, click here. To learn more about Connectionology, click here.