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Insurance Disputes Attorneys Tampa, Fl

Insurance Dispute Attorney TampaAs a civil litigation firm, Swope, Rodante P.A. has over 33 years experience in helping clients facing insurance disputes get the compensation that they deserve from their insurance companies. Insurance is meant to provide a safety net for people when their lives are threatened by unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, auto accidents, catastrophic injuries or illnesses. Unfortunately, sometimes this safety net breaks because an insurer fails to make payment, delays payment or makes unnecessary demands on the insured. This is when an insurance dispute attorney may be able to help, call us to speak with one today.

Our insurance attorneys represent the insured that are fighting for their legal rights under both state and federal statutes to be protected by insurance companies if and when they need to make an insurance claim. We have handled many claims involving breach of contract, declaratory relief and bad faith.

Insurance dispute cases that our attorneys handle involve several types of insurance:

• Automobile insurance
• Motorcycle insurance
• Disability insurance
• Property insurance
• Car insurance
• Truck insurance

Below are common questions we receive from clients:

An insurance company refused my claim. What should I do?

Whether the claim was for medical bills, property damage, or disability benefits, a claimant often does not know what options are available after the initial claim has been denied. Insurance disputes cover such a broad scope of topics and rely heavily on the specific facts of each claim, so it would be impossible for us to cover every topic on this website. If you would like to ask us a question about your recently denied claim or find out more about your options, contact us.

Do I need to provide an insurance company with receipts, pay stubs, tax returns, medical bills, or a copy of the police report?

While many times insurance company requests are reasonable, sometimes an insurance company may be unfairly asking you to do the investigation work the insurance company is responsible for. If an insurer fails to settle a claim because of unreasonable requests for documents from a claimant, the claimant may have a cause of action for bad faith. If you would like to ask us a question about a denied claim or requested documents, contact us.

December 18, 2012