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Future Medical Expenses

Unfortunately, you may have suffered injuries that require ongoing or permanent care. These expenses can include unexpected doctor’s visits, hospitalizations, physical therapy, rehabilitation, surgeries and prescriptions related to your injuries. You are entitled to recover for these future medical expenses, and there are several ways to prove your right to these costs.

Your treating doctor is a helpful way to determine future medical expenses. Your doctor knows your medical history and can estimate what it will cost to receive care in the future. A jury can also base future medical expenses on the medical treatment you already received and your current prognosis.

If your case requires a lot of ongoing care, the use a life care planner to calculate the scope and the cost of your future medical needs may be necessary. A life care planner is an expert who specializes in evaluating medical conditions to establish the needs and future medical costs associated with the onset of that condition. This expert projects the total amount needed to care for you during your life. A life care planner also works with you and your needs to create a life care plan designed to maximize your independence and improve your quality of life.