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Support Groups

Coping with the after math of a catastrophic injury, can take a mental and emotional toll on everyone involved in the recovery process. Everyone from family members, friends, neighbors to co-workers can be affected by the shocking and life-altering nature of serious, life-threatening injuries. In dealing with catastrophic injuries, it is often times helpful for those affected by the injury to attend a support group.

Support groups are generally comprised of individuals who have been through similarly challenging experiences. Support Groups can be a valuable resource–providing helpful ideas, information and resources. In addition to resources, support group participants are able to share their feelings and experiences in a safe environment with compassionate people who are able to offer validation, support, comfort and strength.

Support groups can provide:

• Support, Empathy and Guidance
• Information about medical treatments
• Innovation medical research
• Information about legal resources
• Information on Financial assistance and scholarships

To find a support group in your area, you can speak with your doctor or hospital administrator, or you can look online to research available groups. For your convenience, we have also compiled a list of support groups throughout Florida.

December 18, 2012