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UCF students look to change the world with their 3D arm team highlighted by Microsoft.

There are countless amounts of people who have lost a limb by amputation, like an arm, for a myriad of reasons like disease or war.  This does not exclude children.  So when engineering students at UCF heard the story of a six-year-old boy named Alex Pring, who lost his arm and gets teased by fellow schoolmates because of his condition, they sought a way to fix the problem.

The team, in their spare time, designed an arm for Alex Pring through a 3D printer on campus.  After fitting the arm, they decided to give it to him for free.  Because of their altruistic efforts, hundreds of families in over 25 different countries have asked the students for help.

The engineering students involved with the creation of these prosthetic limbs call themselves “Limbitless Solutions”, no doubt a comedic name to lighten the mood of their sincere efforts to change the world.  Because of their aim, Microsoft has highlighted the team in a social media campaign called #TheCollectiveProject, and have even released a video to convey the team’s work.

“The goal of the project is to highlight college students who are using technology to change the world. The Fortune 500-company known for software products is urging students to realize that what they do in their spare time matters, and that they can change the world. Students from the University of California at Berkeley and Penn State are also highlighted in the campaign.”

So keep an eye out for these creative students at UCF and get involved to find out more about the lofty plans of today’s students.  Microsoft will also host some events during UCF’s engineering week, February 23-27, on campus.  Hopefully, this is not the last we hear of the great work going on at campuses across the country.

Source: today.ucf.edu