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If you have not worked with us before, we know that you will have questions, and we are pleased to answer:

How stable is your firm?
Who are some firms that you have worked with in the past?
Show me some third party credentialing.
What would I expect for referral fees?
Can I work as co-counsel on the case?
How would you keep me current on activities in my case?
Are there other benefits to referring cases?
Who advances the costs of the litigation?
How many very large claims has your firm handled?
What kind of cases does SRPA handle?
What happens if there is an appeal?
Are catastrophic injury cases really different?
Do you have liability insurance?
How can I contact you?

In recent years, we have been proud to see referrals from other attorneys steadily increase to the point that they are now our largest source of new cases, by far. In fact, some firms we work with have been referring cases to us, again and again, for decades. We are obviously honored that so many great lawyers and law firms from our home town and across the country trust us to work with them on their catastrophic personal injury, insurance bad faith, and appellate cases and we are committed to maintaining the reputation that has made that possible.

If you are an attorney searching for an appropriate firm to refer a case or add to your prosecution team as co-counsel, you can be assured that we always remember to treat our referral relationships as if our very existence depended on them (since it does!). We are generous in the sharing of fees for both referral and, where appropriate, co-counsel arrangements and have shared referral and counsel fees of over thirty million dollars over the past 10 years. You will be hard pressed to find another firm our size with co-counsel numbers anywhere close to these.

We understand that most lawyers encounter very few catastrophic claims in their careers, and that when you do, you want nothing less than the absolute maximum for your client. You need a firm you can trust to have the same commitment you do, and with experience to confidently guide your client on the journey to recovery. We know that catastrophic injury claims are different from other injury cases, and we have molded our firm around those differences, to ensure that you never regret having us on your team.