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Mason Ellis Wins the Swope, Rodante Scholarship for July 2017!

Swope, Rodante P.A. is proud to announce the recipient of its July 2017 scholarship grant: Mason Ellis!

Mason is a spinal cord injury (SCI) survivor who was in a car wreck during the middle of his senior year in high school. The accident resulted in a C5-C6-C7 injury, causing paralysis and changing Mason’s life forever.

What Sets Mason Apart

Mason’s injury hasn’t stopped him from helping others. In fact, he’s even more dedicated to helping others than ever before. On his YouTube channel, he shares “how-to” and tip videos to help SCI survivors live happier and healthier lives.

In the essay he submitted to Swope, Rodante for the scholarship application, Mason revealed that he was pursuing a higher education in information technology to work on computers. He wants to be the one to make the next big technological innovation that helps other SCI survivors who have become partially or fully paralyzed lead normal lives.

Mason on Earning the Scholarship

The staff at Swope, Rodante reached out to Mason to congratulate him on earning the scholarship, and to ask him some questions.

Mason first learned about the scholarship opportunity when he first requested a set of wristbands for SCI survivors and their families from Swope, Rodante. After hearing about the scholarship, Mason put in an application, and the rest is history.

When asked how he felt about getting the scholarship, Mason said “I feel pretty good. [Swope, Rodante] told me they liked how I wrote about how I help the community through my YouTube channel. I hope to use the scholarship to complete my education so I can help everyone even more.”

Mason firmly believes that spinal cord injury survivors should do everything they can to make themselves stronger both mentally and physically—it’s part of the reason why he’s pursuing a major in Information Technology at Vincennes University. To every traumatic brain injury (TBI) or SCI survivor out there, Mason says:

“It’s really important to continue your education after a major brain or spinal cord injury like mine. I think it shows that you can still do just about anything that you could before your injury. It’s even better to seek higher education after these injuries because it boost your morale and helps you mentally with every goal or milestone you accomplish. More than anything else, getting an education helps you see that you can do just about anything you want to do.”

The team at Swope, Rodante P.A. wishes Mason the best of luck and success as he pursues his degree in Information Technology. We also look forward to seeing how this incredible young man changes the world for the better in the future!

You can follow Mason Ellis on his YouTube channel and Facebook page to learn more about him and catch some handy advice for adjusting to life after a spinal cord injury.