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Excess and Umbrella Coverage

Excess insurance is insurance that kicks in when you exhaust the limits of your other insurance policies. Umbrella coverage is more comprehensive—you do not need to exhaust your other insurance policies for umbrella coverage to go into effect and provide you with additional coverage. Say you have an automobile policy with $100,000 limits and a homeowners policy with $300,000 limits. If you purchase $1,000,000 in excess coverage, you would have to use up the limits of your other policies before the $1,000,000 could be used. But if you purchase $1,000,000 in umbrella coverage, then you are effectively insured for $1,100,000 on your automobile policy and $1,300,000 on your homeowners policy. Umbrella insurance may also cover claims that are not typically covered under your automobile and homeowners policies.

February 11, 2013