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Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Homeowners policies are designed to protect your home and your property from damage in the event of an accident, theft, fire, wind, hail, lightening, or natural disasters. What exactly your homeowners policy covers may vary depending on where you live and your insurance carrier. But generally, these policies cover the home itself and anything attached to it, buildings or structures that are also on your property but not attached, some personal property in the house up to a certain dollar amount, and any living expenses you had to incur if you were displaced from your home. Homeowners policies also cover you from being sued by someone who is injured on your property, such as from a dog bite or from falling off of a cracked step in front of your house. There is also typically a section in your policy that provides minimal medical expenses in the event someone is injured on your property but does not want to sue you for damages.

February 11, 2013