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Dale Swope’s Op/Ed on Battling Monsanto

Founding Partner of Swope, Rodante P.A. Dale Swope recently wrote an Op/Ed on Monsanto’s recent legal challenges with its weed-killing product, Roundup. Monsanto last week was ordered to pay $289 million to a school groundskeeper who developed terminal cancer after using Roundup. This was marked by Dale Swope as a David vs. Goliath moment. Monsanto has been valuing its profit values more than the health and well-being of consumers and people who use their products either directly or indirectly, even though they may have known that their products could be harmful. See Dale’s Op/Ed below.

Battling Monsanto: Tipping the Scales of Justice


For close to 30 centuries, the story of David and Goliath has been woven into our cultural consciousness. The term has entered our language as a metaphor for improbable victories by some weak party over someone far stronger. Last week’s San Francisco jury verdict ordering Monsanto to pay $289 million in damages to a school groundskeeper… Read more »

 The Bradenton Times

The Bradenton Times Battling Monsanto: Tipping the Scales of Justice

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