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How We Are Different

We are most happy when working on large or complex cases. The bigger and more powerful the defendant, the more rotten, dangerous or dishonest the conduct, the better it is. We still hold the belief that we can change the world, just a little, by helping its victims.

We make a deep emotional investment into improving the lives of clients, who have often been devastated by the events we are trying to vindicate. The cases are not simple. They are all over Florida, both in state and federal court, and are sometimes pushing the edge of the legal issues we care about. Cases are worked on collaboratively with senior attorneys and a team of paralegals and assistants. Our standard caseload averages just over ten large cases per attorney, which affords each attorney the ability to focus their time and energy. Our unique team approach and selective case acquisition allows our attorneys and team members the opportunity to master challenging legal issues and explore developing areas of law while encouraging close client contact.

Since we really do try our cases and generally expect to win them, the hours put into each case are often long and the preparation intense. But here, the whole firm works beside our injured clients trying to improve the world, one case at a time.

Our Size and Structure

We are an eight to twelve attorney firm that handles only civil litigation, including plaintiff’s personal injury, product liability, insurance bad faith, and appellate practice cases. We try to maintain a tight focus on our practice areas, hoping to enhance our expertise in the types of cases we do handle. We sue to take money away from insurance companies and other large corporations when their negligence, deceit, or bad faith has caused harm to real people. Often our cases are very large. This means that our opponents are also often very large, while we are, by choice, quite small.

We prefer to keep our firm relatively small so that we can preserve our focus on our clients and best coordinate our talents. Our emphasis on team work avails us with creative solutions lost to larger firms. We are also perfectly comfortable handling cases with insufficient insurance, especially if they involve carriers who have failed to settle when they could and should have, had they acted fairly and honestly, and with due regard for the interest of their insured.

We use our size and structure to our advantage, but our true edge is our commitment.