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Measuring Success

What Client Success Means to Us

Lawyers are fond of including a ‘case results’ page on their websites, where they  provide a four word case ‘description’ matched to a dollar amount. These lists are presumably the proudest achievements of their firms, put on display the way a trophy hunter would hang on his wall the heads of big cats or exotic horned animals.

While there is no question that successful experience in handling large cases is critical, these raw ‘trophy lists’ can be quite misleading. For example, a four million dollar outcome sounds impressive unless close examination revealed that it was actually an eight million dollar case. The careful process of choosing a law firm requires more.

At Swope, Rodante, we certainly can list our ‘results’, and when we do it is honestly somewhat astounding. But what we believe really matters is how well our clients’ monetary recoveries translate into a recovery of their lives.

The stories of our clients lives did not end with their accident, and they also do not end when their settlement check is deposited. We stay with them- as much as they will let us – to continue to help with the special challenges they confront, and to share the special achievements their injuries make possible.

As you read through our client success stories, you will probably figure out that, while we are proud to have served them all, these successes are theirs, not ours.

Whatever they gained from us is balanced by the inspiration we gain from their courage and their strength. It is our clients who build our firm resolution that the very next person who comes to our firm with their lives in shambles because of a catastrophic loss, will get the benefit of everything we have done and everything we have learned to help them get their lives back together.

To us, success means restoring our clients back—as closely as possible—to the meaningful, productive fulfilling lives they were once able to lead before confronted by catastrophic injury.

We think you’ll be as inspired by our amazing clients as we are on a daily basis. Our clients give us the steadfast determination to fight against the toughest of opponents—because we know our clients’ lives are at stake.