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Resources for Existing Clients

We are privileged you have chosen our firm to help you with this important matter. We want you to know our team is here to help you throughout this entire process from start to finish, and that means more than just being your lawyers we are your council. We understand you may have many considerations and likely a lot of questions right now, some of them directly related to our work while others may not be. This is why we have included various links for questions about medical treatment, support groups, financial resources and more on this page.

Along with this information we invite you to visit SpinalCord.com a website we sponsor in support of those with Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain injuries. This website includes information about specific injuries, physician directories, rehabilitation directories, video’s, and blogs written by survivors of catastrophic injuries and much more!

As a member of our family you can always count on your team to keep you informed on your case and help answer any questions that come up, below are just a handful we know you may be asking. Always remember we have been through this many times and have the resources to help you not only win your case but face any challenges together. 

•  What Medical Treatment is available for my loved one?
•  Where can I turn for sound Legal Advice?
•  Are there any Financial Resources to help with medical bills?
•  How can I locate a Rehabilitation Facility for my loved one?
•  Are there any Support Groups that we can attend?
• Where should I start when Choosing an Attorney?
• How can I get help Understanding the Legal System?

Navigating through this labyrinth of information may feel challenging, and near impossible at times. But understanding that the road to recovery is a marathon—filled with many ups and downs, hurdles and important milestones can be helpful way to approach the journey that lies ahead. Our greatest joy comes from knowing that we have played an important role in helping to restore our clients—as closely as possibly—to the meaningful, productive, fulfilling lives they were once able to lead, before confronted by catastrophic injury.