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Soft Tissue Terminology

Achilles tendon –
The body’s strongest tendon which connects calf muscles to the heel bone and allows people to walk, run and jump.

Contusion –
An injury in which the skin is not broken, but blood vessels are ruptured. Also referred to as a ‘bruise.’

Bursa –
A fluid sac in between a tendon and a bone that helps reduce friction.

Bursitis –
Occurs when a bursa becomes inflamed, causing pain at the site of inflammation.

Capsule –
A sac which encloses bones surrounding a synovial joint to assist with stability and movement.

Cartilage –
Tissue that provide cushion for bones and joints.

Ligament –
Tough bands which connect bones and support joints.

Patellar tendinitis –
An injury which results from overuse and affects the patellar tendon. Also referred to as ‘jumper’s knee.’

Patellar tendon –
A tendon that extends from the quadriceps and attaches to the tibia, allowing extension of the knee joint.

Sprain –
An injury which occurs when a ligament is forced to stretch beyond its capacity.

Strain –
A tear or stretch of a tendon or muscle.

Synovium –
A thin tissue membrane which surrounds tendon and joint sheaths.

Tendinitis –
Inflammation or irritation of a tendon which commonly affects the elbows, wrists, shoulders or heels.

Tendon –
Tough tissue that connects the muscle to the bone.

Tenosynovitis –
The inflammation of the synovium which causes pain, swelling and limited mobility.

Whiplash –
An injury to the neck as a result of hyperextension and flexion of the neck.

February 26, 2013