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Six Flags Roller Coaster Death

Friday, July 19th, Rosa Ayala-Goana fell to her death at the age of fifty-two while riding a roller coaster at the Six Flags theme park in Dallas, Texas. As her car descended from the first major climb of the Texas Giant roller coaster, Mrs. Ayala-Goana’s harness did not secure her to her seat as the car accelerated downward and dropped… Read More

Two Teens Recover from Parasailing Accident

Two Indiana teenagers have recovered enough from a July 1 parasailing accident off the coast of Panama City, Florida, to return to their home state, a July 15 Associated Press report shows. What might have started off as a fun adventure for two teenage friends: Alexis Fairchild and Sidney Good, both 17, parasailing over the Gulf of Mexico in a… Read More

Toyota’s Accelerator Recall and Payout

Toyota Motor Corporation faced a series of 3 separate, related product recalls spanning from the end of 2009 into the first quarter of 2011.  In general, the recalls involved accelerator pedal defects or conditions which caused the accelerator (gas pedal) to become stuck.  As a result, cases of unintended acceleration were reported and presented an alarming safety risk.   In total,… Read More

Personal Injury Risks are Prominent during Fireworks Season

Fireworks displays, a beloved 4th of July tradition, can also result in accidents and may pose significant personal injury risks.  Spectators, as well as licensed fireworks operators (also referred to as pyrotechnicians), may suffer painful burns in cases where fireworks detonate improperly.  Fireworks (pyrotechnics) are essentially controlled explosions, accentuated by the burning of different accelerants or powders. Despite a general… Read More

How are Cerebral Palsy and Brain Damage Linked?

Cerebral Palsy, also known as CP, is defined as a physical disorder mainly affecting the body’s muscle functions, speech and motor skills. The term “cerebral” refers to the part of the brain controlling motor skills and movement, known as the cerebellum. The word “palsy” refers to a “disorder of movement”.” Cerebral palsy is a disorder that can be a direct… Read More

What is an Anoxic Brain Injury?

An anoxic brain injury occurs due to a total lack of oxygen to the brain. Though many different types of brain injuries can occur, anoxic brain injuries are characterized as one of the most dangerous and difficult from which to recover. Anoxic brain damage is also referred to as anoxia. This type of brain injury is commonly associated with hypoxic… Read More