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Organizational Structure

To handle large cases, a law firm should be organized to function as a team, with specialized roles and training. Firms with 10, 50 or 100 lawyers, who all act independently, are really no more effective than a bunch of solo practitioners all sharing space together. Swope, Rodante is organized into three lawyer teams, and each of those teams directs four staff members with specific specialized roles. In addition, we have an entire team of three lawyers who focus on nothing but appeals, legal research, and complex writing assignments.

You would never need them if your case was a routine claim without serious injuries. However, large cases will often end up in federal court, or with pre-trial appeals, because of the more complex legal issues involved and because of the stronger commitment to resistance that the insurance companies show when they are faced with paying millions or tens of millions of dollars on injury claims.

This carefully designed structure makes it possible to achieve exceptional results in ways that you would not expect from a bunch of lawyers acting independently but amalgamated into a ‘firm’ where they share little beyond their advertising budget.

If we have to go to trial, we will have as much horsepower as we need to ensure that we are not kept off balance and on the defensive when the corporations unleash their attacks on us. YOU can rest easy knowing that we have the matter firmly under control, allowing you to focus on healing, and reaching your recovery back to normal living.

March 12, 2013