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Growing a new law firm is extremely difficult. We know, because we did it about 30 years ago. Trying to balance the demands of running a practice without an experienced staff support, trying to meet all the demands for cash for payroll, and for the costs required to do a good job on cases, trying to figure out how to pitch a new law firm on billboards and city busses while, at the same time, trying to keep up with changes in the law, can leave lawyers with very little time left for actually handling their client’s cases.

A new law firm that is trying to find its way while struggling to stay afloat is no place for a large, complex case such as a spinal injury, a brain injury, an amputation, wrongful death or similar catastrophic injury.

At Swope, Rodante, we have stayed between 10-13 lawyers for more than a decade, and have no plans for rapidly growing beyond that. In fact, it is quite the opposite. In order to allow us not to grow and instead to focus only on the largest and most important personal injury matters, we actually started a separate law firm – Vanguard Attorneys. Vanguard does an excellent job on personal injury matters with damages up to two million dollars, and having that resource has been a huge benefit for Swope, Rodante and its clients, since it allows us not to be distracted from the cases we are committed to handling.

Within the walls of our law firm, you will find the comforting assurance that our lawyers and our staff are competent to handle your case, and are quite comfortable taking on the challenges we know lie ahead. We are happy to discuss our experience with you on your specific type of case, whether it involves insurance bad faith, products liability, trucking accidents, roadway and building design defects or whatever yours may be.

We have taken this journey many times and are ready to help you get safely through it.

March 12, 2013