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Organizations of attorneys are generally pretty good at figuring out who in their groups should be followed as authoritative. When someone in your own field is bluffing their claimed expertise or puffing their knowledge, they are pretty easily called out and discredited. Lawyers who are invited time and again to speak at seminars, asked to write in professional journals and to speak on behalf of those organizations in legislative histories almost certainly have more to contribute over lawyers who are not.

Our attorneys at Swope, Rodante has have been published on the topic of insurance bad faith and personal injury in books created by the Florida Bar itself, and have published a monthly article on personal injury cases for several years, for the Florida Justice Association. They have also been published in the Florida Bar Journal, and have written briefs accepted as Amicus Curiae in courts in the state. For decades, our attorneys have been sought as seminar speakers for trial lawyer organizations on personal injury matters, including the Florida Bar, local county bar associations, and local trial lawyer associations, the Florida Justice Association, and others.

March 12, 2013